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Alpha Hockey

Alpha Hockey is re-defining what it means to be a player agency. They’ve become well-known for the unique, relationship-driven support systems they provide at the macro level during their clients’ careers. Telling their story with clarity and energy was a challenge we were happy to take on.


  • Booklet Design & Printing
  • Website
  • Graphic Design
Hockey Player Hockey Player
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Early contact with potential clients often involves an in-person meeting. To enhance first impressions and highlight Alpha’s value proposition, we designed and printed a player package that each prospect receives.

Alpha Hockey Books Alpha Hockey Books
Alpha Hockey Booklet
Printed Book Printed Book

An important part of the storytelling process was accurately portraying the impact Alpha and their clients have been making both on and off the ice. Their marketing package reflects the high quality approach they take with each player they represent. The marketing materials were amplified with finishing details like soft-touch coatings and raised/glossy text, creating a pleasing tactile experience.

Alpha Hockey Book Design Alpha Hockey Book Design

Their old website had served them well in the past, however it was facing some technical issues and no longer utilizing industry best practices. Their new site launched in 2023 and featured improvements to the user journey and overall aesthetics to align the brand as an industry leading player agency.

The website works in harmony with the player packages to communicate the full scope of Alpha Hockey’s expertise, delivering energetic visuals, smooth animations, and an intuitive user experience.

Website on Computer Screen Website on Computer Screen
Training Session Training Session

Alpha’s ongoing development programs have resulted in marked performance improvements and a growing list of awards, including multiple Stanley Cups, the Vezina Trophy, Jennings Trophy, and Olympic Gold.

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