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Bethesda Foundation

The Bethesda Foundation is a registered charity, generating revenue through donations to meet the unfunded needs of the healthcare community. They are building a healthcare legacy through innovation, partnership and funding.

The Foundation’s visual identity had grown tired and needed a fresh, memorable, inspiring look that better represented the progressive, forward-thinking approach that they employ. We were more than happy to contribute our efforts to building a brand that accurately tells their story.


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  • Visual Identity
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  • Stationery & Brochures
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  • Website
Bethesda Foundation Logo Design
Bethesda Foundation Brand Guide

Since its inception in 1963, millions of dollars have been raised by the Foundation for special projects like the improving the Emergency Department, the Cancer Care/Obstetrics facility, building a new Crisis Stabilization Unit and a new Bethesda Primary Care Centre.

Bethesda Foundation Community Photo Bethesda Primary Care Centre

The process began with a new logo. This came to be the modern form of the first aid cross, originally established in the 19th century and still internationally recognized today. The centre of the cross represents an intersection; a meeting place where community comes together. Hues of blue were incorporated, representative of water and inspired by the healing pools of Bethesda in Jerusalem. These visuals encompassed the Foundation’s devotion to building up their community through better healthcare.

Bethesda Foundation Bethesda Foundation Flyer Design Bethesda Foundation Mobile Design

The next natural step was to develop a tagline that supported the logo by succinctly communicating what they do in a clever call to action. “Enhancing Healthcare through Your Generosity” served well with its collaborative tone that invites partnership with the community.

Bethesda Foundation Business Cards Bethesda Foundation Brochure Design

The Foundation’s online presence was refreshed with a new website, developed to build awareness around their history and highlight their current activities in our community. The site features an easy to edit interface so Foundation staff can make updates to the website without the need for web or technical knowledge.

A brand standards guide was created to help both internal staff and external vendors that interact with the brand better understand who the Bethesda Foundation is, and how to apply the new visual identity to new communication pieces as they get developed — such as the Gifts of Light Campaign, and the Caring Together Capital Campaign.

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