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Big Freight

Big Freight is a Manitoba-based carrier that serves customers across Canada and the USA. They employ veterans who have previously served in the Canadian Armed Forces and wanted to honour them for the sacrifices they’ve made to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today. A mural on their trucks turned out to be the perfect medium to share this message across the country.


  • Truck Wrap
Truck Wrap Semi Truck Decal

The resulting design respected the obstacles presented by the substrate we were applying to (rubber gaskets, chrome, deep curvature and other trouble areas for vinyl wraps) while remaining balanced in a purposeful display that didn’t overwhelm the vehicle. Each military branch was showcased on both sides (Royal Canadian Air Force, Army and Navy) along with the Canadian maple leaf from the Canadian Armed Forces badge.

Truck Decal Semi Truck Decal

CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern) computer-generated camouflage was replicated as a base texture to reinforce the military brand. The edge was clipped in a pixel-like pattern to create an appropriate transition line.

The project required maintaining a balance of collaboration and strict approval requirements by each military branch, while keeping the client’s vision and budget constraints intact. As always, the design, printing and installations were all carried out here in-house.