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Doug Reichel Wine Marketing

Doug Reichel works to inspire the recognition of relationship between people, food and earth by connecting global and local communities with good wine. The world of wine can be overwhelming so Doug navigates it for you, ensuring you enjoy a GOOD glass of wine… without the guessing game. We worked with Doug and his team to develop a comprehensive website and marketing materials that cater specifically to two customer groups; the general public, and the retail stores.


  • Marketing Support
  • Website
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Wine Tags
Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Doug Reichel Wine Bottles
Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Website

There’s a lot more than meets the eye with the Doug Reichel Wine Marketing website. Not only is there a full product inventory that’s built in an easy to maintain database so internal staff can keep it continually updated, there’s also an entire product ordering section that’s available for the retail stores in Saskatchewan to seamlessly place orders online. Eye catching colored badge icons were developed to help convey product details while remaining easy to navigate.

People Drinking Wine Relax Wine Bottles

The next time you’re in the liquor store you might spot these sharp looking bottle tags on Doug Reichel’s carefully curated selection of quality wines from around the world. We’d encourage you give one of his hand picked wines a try — you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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