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Being one of North America's leading producers of premium pork means taking good care of your employees, communities, animals, and customers. That mission has led to countless positive economic and cultural impacts along the way. Our brand building efforts with HyLife sought to tell that story with energy and clarity.


  • Brand Updates
  • Interior Signage
  • Website
  • Vehicle Decals
  • HyLife U Logo
Waiting Area Waiting Area
Office-wall Office-wall
Our Guiding Lines

HyLife's “Guiding Light” is central to their success—a set of values used to navigate decisions, attitudes, and company culture. Visually representing this in a new and fresh way was both challenging and rewarding. Our design-build solution included this 21 foot wide feature wall we installed at HyLife headquarters, that included dimensional acrylic elements of varying depth and colour.

HyLife building Head Office Office Door HyLife Reception

Guiding light elements were subtly woven throughout the building, with installations like values posters and themed meeting room vinyls. Dimensional signage and room placards were also utilized, tastefully adding the brand colours into the interior palette.

Hylife Website preview Hylife Website preview
Hylife Website preview Hylife Website preview

A new website was designed and developed to capture the full breadth of HyLife's story. HyLife's fully integrated structure means there are plenty of moving parts and with that, different audiences. Streamlined information architecture and a clear visual language were gateways to establishing an engaging, user-friendly browsing experience.

Truck Detailing Truck Detailing
Hylife Pork Hylife Pork

HyLife's product brand increased its visibility with this HyLife Pork Canada vehicle wrap. The truck pulls a branded food trailer to various events throughout the year to engage with communities and build product awareness in Canada.

Hylife Logos
Hylife Logos Hylife Logos
Hylife Logos Hylife Logos Hylife Logos Hylife Logos

HyLife's internal training and development programs are a creative solution for employees wanting to grow their skillsets. Logos were created to embody the food and farming sectors HyLife operates in while maintaining a timeless, academic appearance.

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