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Kingsmen Grooming Products

Kingsmen Grooming Products is a Manitoba based small business that produces top quality beard care and shaving products from natural ingredients.

The company was started from scratch and needed a brand identity that properly represented the quality and effort put into their products while also inspiring future customers in their grooming pursuits. We helped them with their logo, label and packaging design, website and product photography.


  • Marketing Support
  • Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Labels
  • Website
Kingsmen Grooming Logo Design
Kingsmen Grooming Bear Oils

The theme of the logo is drawn from medieval era Europe, where well-groomed beards were a distinguished symbol to be respected. The honor and tradition of bearded kings and knights in battle provides an inspirational backdrop for men to take control of their appearance and achieve a well-represented exterior that is founded on a well-rounded inner-self that pursues a cause that is greater than themselves.

Kingsmen Grooming Advertisement Kingsmen Grooming Website
Kingsmen Grooming Shaving Products

Brand credibility is built through consistency. With a variety of container sizes and shapes, Kingsmen Beard Products required labels that would present their different products as part of their unified brand, and leave room for future product expansion.

We designed and printed labels of different shapes and sizes yet preserved a consistent look throughout their product portfolio – not to mention standing up against the oils and creams that would stain a traditional paper label.

Kingsmen Grooming Bear Balm
Kingsmen Grooming Hats
Print Studio One Signature Awards
2018 Signature Awards

The logo design garnered the attention of the Winnipeg Advertising Association and was the winner for best logo at their Signature Awards banquet. The Signature Awards celebrate the best ideas and creative minds that Manitoba has to offer. Entries are judged by an unbiased international panel of senior working industry professionals.

Kingsmen Grooming Monogram

The elements in the icon combine to form an appealing mark that stands alone well and contains meaningful symbols. The sword’s crossguard and hilt resembles a cross, which is tied to the founder’s faith, the red crown represents the blood of Christ sacrificed on the cross, while the ‘W’ shape is the first letter of the founder’s last name.

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