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Klassen Financial

The kind and very capable folks at Klassen Financial provide their clients with honest and straighforward financial services to help individuals, families and businesses achieve their financial goals. Their clear, concise and energetic approach make the sometimes mundane and complex topics of finance engaging, and well, actually interesting! The visual identity that served them well in the past had become outdated so revitalizing it was the next logical step to create a solid foundation to build their brand upon.


  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Stationery
  • Advertising
  • Signage
Klassen Financial Graphic
Klassen Financial Building

Fun fact: the letterform style in the ‘K’ monogram was inspired by the neoclassical architecture movement commonly applied to 19th century financial institutions in Canada, like the Bank of Montreal headquarters. More specifically, the parellel lines formed by the flutes and fillets in the Greek column style used by the movement provided a sturdy yet classy aesthetic when applied as a monogram.

Architecture Klassen Financial Logo Klassen Financial Business Cards Klassen Financial Banners

A rich green and textures of brown, grays and blacks provided a modern palette to inspire the look and feel of the brand’s tangible assets. This new appearance reinforces the already strong intangible brand experiences Klassen provides to their clients — like dedicated, knowledgeable service.