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Naturally Powerful

Naturally Powerful began with a tried and true family recipe for all-natural castile soaps, handed down by generations past. The founder first used it as an alternative to the everyday soaps and detergents available to prevent skin irritations her family was experiencing from ingredients in modern products. This gentle, yet effective solution turned out to be a gift worth sharing with the world and we were more than happy to bring life to the brand’s identity.


  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Packaging Labels
  • Print Materials
Naturally Powerful Package Design and Printing
Peppermint Design Graphic Lemon Design Graphic Orange Design Graphic Lime Design Graphic
Naturally Powerful Package Design and Printing Naturally Powerful Package Design and Printing Naturally Powerful Logo

The brand’s visuals create a clean, natural, refreshing identity throughout the logo, labels, supporting graphic elements and images. This is accomplished by employing elements of water, sunlight, fruit, and foliage to emphasize the natural origins of the different products and scents available.

Naturally Powerful Website

Naturally Powerful’s line of hand and laundry soaps has provided a purposeful solution to real-life challenges consumers experience through a product that is easy on skin and the environment. Building a brand that tells this story clearly and succinctly allows consumers to easily recognize the value available to them.

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