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Did you know seventy-five percent of consumer purchase decisions occur in less than ten seconds?1 This confirms what most of us feel intuitively: in our highly competitive markets, only effective packaging will cut through the clutter and communicate value. A products’ perceived value is elevated by good presentation—the inverse is also true. Remember: perception drives value.

Careful consideration is important when determining key features like package size, shape, special finishes, and label design. Planning ahead means gaining great efficiencies and avoiding future compromises. For example, establishing versatile design systems to handle multiple product varieties and future releases ensures smooth adaptation and optimal recognition.

Naturally Powerful Bags


Beyond the aesthetic and experience, packaging must also serve functional necessities. This can include protecting products from damage during transport, satisfying food-grade requirements, being easy for retailers to shelve, and adhering to specific Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act guidelines (in Canada—America and international requirements will differ).

Nunweilers Packaging


With packaging waste being at the forefront of consumer minds, many businesses are moving toward environmentally friendly options such as paper; when recycled, paper is one of the few truly sustainable products. According to the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), virtually all paperboard consumed in North America today comes from farms where trees are planted, harvested, and replaced. Five trees are planted for every tree is harvested for paper, and these young trees soak up more carbon dioxide than older ones.

Prairie Packaging


After the functional and aesthetic needs are satisfied, packaging production and ongoing fulfillment follow. Get in touch with us to talk about your next packaging project. Our flexible run sizes and in-house design and production capabilities make for an effective and efficient process from concept to completion.


1. Dalton, Alyssa. “Spotlight” PrintAction, vol. 58, no. 5, June 2019, pp. 38

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