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Summit Organizational Development

Summit, formerly known as Impact Your Office, approached us with a common brand recognition challenge: the perception of their business did not reflect what they actually do. Additionally, during our research we discovered they were potentially missing out on a large segment of the entrepreneurial market by focusing on the word ‘Office’ in their name, as many of today’s business owners may not identify with a traditional office environment.


  • Re-naming
  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Stationery
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Website
Summit Organizational Development

When working through the process of understanding the vision for their brand, we eventually settled on the name Summit Organizational Development. A corporate identity package followed to tell the story of what they were already doing: helping organizations reach new heights.

Business Cards Summit Pyramids
Magazine Print and Design

Many similarities can be drawn between the services Summit provides and the role of a guide when climbing a mountain. Mountain guides care for their followers, applying expert knowledge to ensure the safety of their party. Before the ascent begins, a strategic plan is mapped out to ensure the path is efficient, the group is equipped, and everyone is on the same page. The guide helps their party execute the plan along every step of the journey, encouraging them right to the top. The end result is a transformative experience for the climber, enhancing their skills, abilities, and empowering them to reach new heights.

Summit Brand Design

The logo’s icon incorporates not one, but multiple ‘peaks’ indicating that the journey is ongoing, and not complete after ‘summiting once’. The icon also forms a stylized ‘S’, in the form of a linked chain, symbolizing the fully connected way in which Summit operates with their clients.

People in a Marketing Meeting
Map Design
Summit Website

Summit has a sincere passion to help build healthy organizations. That’s it. Pure and simple. Their website was created with a user experience that portrays the thoroughly planned, highly rewarding journey Summit takes its clients on.