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Old Church Bakery

It started as a micro-bakery down a dirt road in a beautifully-restored old church in the countryside. The Old Church Bakery’s memorable name and word of their mastery in the ancient art of fermented bread-making (sourdough) spread far and drew in many who appreciated the art of simple and delicious food. Steady growth followed and a move to the nearest city was a natural step. The timing was right to refresh the identity and we were thrilled to contribute our efforts.


  • Logo
  • Labels
  • Window Decals
Old Church Logo Design
Hand Forged Artisan Bread Plus Pastries Old Church Bakery Apron
Old Church Bakery Monogram Graphic

The organic, low-temperature impact milled, whole grain flour they use provided inspiration for the standalone “wheat kernel” icon. This centerpiece of the logo combines with typography congruent with the artisan nature of the products Old Church produces to form an iconic, memorable badge.

Inside the Old Church Bakery
Outside the Old Church Bakery Cinnamon Buns
Old Church Bakery Label Design

The sourdough process is a calculated art form. One that requires a base of good fundamentals, time, dedication and care to get it right — something we can relate to in our brand identity processes. Of course, these processes are much more enjoyable when replete with gooey, delicious cinnamon buns from Old Church Bakery, combined with a flagrant disregard for self-cleanliness.